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Sales: Open Today! 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
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2953 Mayfield Rd  Cleveland Heights, OH 44118 (216) 932-2400
2953 Mayfield Rd , Cleveland Heights, OH 44118
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Hey Parents! The Motorcars Kids Club gives your child the chance to connect with our kids community year-round. Nearly every month members will get exclusive access to newsletters, contests, prizes, and events for Kids Club members only.

Sign up today to become Motorcars Kids Club Member for free! See below for membership details.

Motorcars Kids Club Membership Includes:

  • Build a Bear (Puddles) the Parrot on Birthday month.
  • Solar Race-car Derby once a year
  • Walk-around car contest (sell your parents car)
  • Motorcars Selfie Zone
  • Kids Club scavenger hunts
  • Gift cards to places like Big Fun and Natural History Museum
  • Raffles for big prizes such as bikes or remote controlled cars
  • Alternative Energy Clinics hosted by Motorcars
  • Kid Designed Holiday Cards
  • Motorcars Kids Dealership Play area

Kids Club Downloads

Color Your Own Puddles the Parrot!

Click to Download

Build your own papercraft Asimo

Click to Download

Motorcars Kids Club Signup Details

Why do we need Parent Email Addresses and Kids Birthday Information? We collect this information to provide you with access to exclusive Kids Club events and information.

Parent Shared Photos to the Facebook Kids Club Page This way the content that is shared is controlled and parent certified.

What is in the Kids Club Newsletter? We will be sharing fun ideas for activities, exclusive coupons for the dealership and special Club events

What is the Kids Dealership? Located conveniently next to the service waiting area, kids can use the play area to play Mario Kart in our racing seats, design the Next Honda with our iPad application, race matchbox cars on the Motorcars Speedway, use the selfie station and become the Ultimate Motorcars Kid and explore the wonders of the ocean with our 500 Gallon salt-water fish tank.

Group Events

Inquire about group events here! Email the Kids Club

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