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Introducing the All New 2016 Civic Coupe

Happy Honda Days, shoppers! We're pleased to say that our stock of 2016 models continues to grow, especially now that the Japanese automaker has unveiled the all-new Civic Coupe. Unveiled at this year's LA Auto Show, it shows us what the next-generation of sporty compact fun will look like.

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The Clarity and Honda's Hydrogen Dream

This past Tuesday saw the kickoff of the Tokyo Motor Show, and the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell--the next step in the automaker's vision to bring hydrogen technology to the wider public. First made available for lease in 2008, the latest model represents thirty years of ingenuity and the next logical step for the brand.

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Renegotiating Debt

Today, having a good credit score is the secret to financial stability. It helps you to get lower interest rates when you purchase a vehicle or home, and can even affect your ability to get a job. But what do you do if your credit score needs improvement?

Negative credit issues stay on your credit report for 7 years. Because of this, making sure that you have as few negative credit reports against you as possible is key. Don't purchase everyday items that you can't afford to buy with cash, and restrict credit restricted purchases to your home…
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Millenials Want Cars, They Just Can't Afford Them

by Macklin Hogan

The stories are all the same, all over the place, and constantly recycled and recirculated. It’s the
end of the automotive world. Sales are going to collapse and the roads will become populated solely by Uber drivers. Everyone’s preaching the same thing: Millennials don’t want cars, and automakers are doomed.

All of these things hinge upon the idea that young adults aren’t buying cars. Instead of looking into the reasons, journalists cry out that cars are dead and so is American culture. But the further you dive, the more clear it becomes that…
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Motorcars = More

By Macklin Hogan

If you’ve been around here long enough, you know that Motorcars isn’t a traditional car dealership. At Motorcars, we believe in giving more to our Customers. It’s the way we do business, and it’s a fundamental part of everything that we do.

That’s why we have the best online reviews of any dealership in the area, and why Customers just like you keep coming back.

Every single aspect of your experience at Motorcars has been finely tuned. Our service department offers free drinks of your choice, free fresh baked cookies, and free…
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Best Dealership to Work For (WOOT!)

Motorcars was recently ranked among the 100 top dealerships to work for in the U.S. by Automotive News (out of 18,000 contenders - WOOT!), and in keeping with tradition, the Gile family (Motorcars' owners) threw a grand party for us and our families that included food trucks, wine, live entertainment, ice cream, tours of our new Honda Platinum Lounge and service assembly line by CEO Chuck Gile, and a heck of a lot of fun.

You can see photos from our party here.
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What Happens If I Don't Replace My Transmission Fluid?

Transmission fluid is a slippery liquid that acts as a lubricant for all of the moving parts inside your transmission. In an automatic transmission, this fluid also serves as a coolant and a viscous fluid that transmits power from the engine to the transmission.

If you don't change your transmission fluid on schedule, just as in a manual transmission, your transmission fluid will become contaminated with worn bits of the transmission. If these metal shavings and contaminants are not flushed out, they will shorten the life of your transmission - an expensive repair.

There are two options, here:
1) Drain…
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Tech Talk: Autumn Prep

If you don't drive your car as much in the autumn, or if you put it in storage, we have some important advice: beware of tiny feet.

Mice, chipmunks, and ground squirrels love vehicle engine compartments. They're warm, well-protected, and easy to get into - plus they provide lots of storage space for snacks. Believe it or not, fuzzy critters are one of the most common issues that we see in the autumn and spring. In addition to making a mess of the engine compartment, their waste can cause in-cabin odors, and they often chew their way through electrical…
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Linking Employment, Abilities and Potential (LEAP) is an agent of positive change in the lives of people with disabilities in Northeast Ohio, and works to advance their participation and equality in society.

Through its comprehensive services, LEAP assists people with disabilities in living independently in their own homes, participating in community life, and finding and maintaining employment.

Motorcars Honda had the privilege of employing 2 young men in our Parts department that fall on the autism spectrum. They did a terrific job during their internship, and we learned just as much as they did. We plan to continue our support…
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