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Check Out the First-Ever 2016 Honda HR-V

There's nothing more exciting to us than Honda revealing a new model for the entire auto world to take notice.

And, that's exactly what took place at the L.A. Auto Show where the Honda HR-V made its star-studded world premiere.  After all, strolling down the red carpet in Hollywood is the best place to be seen!

With SUVs trending smaller, the 2016 Honda HR-V is the automaker's first-ever subcompact crossover. The…

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The Honda CR-V Comes Standard with Stunning Style

Updated models are always fun for those of us here at our Cleveland Heights, OH dealership to discover what's changed. The new 2015 Honda CR-V offers some new design features but still comes with the traditional reliability, efficiency and safety that the model has been offering for years. Press play to watch this video showing off what you can expect out of the CR-V.

Along with the stunning look you'll discover both inside…

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Motorcars Honda brings you these #WinterSafety Tips!

Winter isn't far away and at Motorcars Honda we want to make sure all our customers stay safe on the road! Our service center team can help ensure your car is ready to take on the colder months, but there is plenty of preparation drivers can take  to ready themselves for all situations by making sure they have these items on hand.

Make sure you're prepared for the temperatures. This means having old boots, jackets, gloves, and hats in the trunk. It's also not a bad idea to have a few blankets (or a sleeping bag) and…

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Pilot Gives You Holiday Cheer Early

Turkey Day is about a week away! Have you been looking at your party pants, and dreading the snug feeling of fitting in to them before and after a delicious feast on comfort food? Your car even feels like the family is squishing in, and no one is happy with the cramped quarters. Now, instead of dreading next Thursday, give yourself and family an early gift to celebrate the holidays, and get into the giving?

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Technology Attracts You to a New Honda

We here at our Cleveland Heights, OH dealership know how much you love your old Honda model, but the technology now available in new cars is enough for you to make that change. Check out the new 2015 Honda Accord to see what makes the technology features and the typical comfort, efficiency and style you expect create a car that has it all.

Not only do you get the intuitive range of features controlled through…

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The Honda Fit Makes Driving Easy for One Lyft Driver

When you hitch a ride with Lyft driver Nick Thune who goes by the alias Brad, you're in for quite the treat. He makes each commute interesting by really taking the time to engage with his passengers. Not to mention he drives a Honda Fit which is, as you know, a fun hatchback to cruise around in.

The best way for you to see what makes Brad's rideshare service so entertaining, is to…

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Honda Gives Us Another Look at Civic Type R Racer

For the past several months, we've been seeing quite a few Honda Civic Type R prototypes, each one better than the one before it. Today in Paris, Honda unveiled the latest iteration, and it's the best of the bunch. Sadly it isn't U.S. bound. Cue us sobbing tears of molten lava like an automotive anguished Mount Vesuvius.

What makes the latest prototype the best of the bunch? While the design has…

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The new Honda Civic is Everything That's Right in the World

It's easy in today's world filled with grim headlines to feel a little blue, so we here at our Cleveland Heights, OH dealership thought we'd share one great reason to put a smile on your face. And if this commercial for the all-new 2015 coupe version of the Honda Civic has anything to say about, the world really isn't that bad. Check it out.

With the kinds of innovative technology you…

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Accord Makes the Grade

Here at Motorcars Honda, we are proud to offer a wide variety of Honda models; because we know that the Honda name means something. It is not every day that a car kicks over 100,000 without major repairs, and yet with Honda, it is not only a common occurrence, they have the Honda Mile Makers Club for those many cars that go the distance and then some. With five levels of membership ranging from?

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